Tournament Roster

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InstructionsPick a team from the drop down and press the 'Refresh Page' button to reload page with the selected roster. Click on a roster name to view season results.

You must select a team before submitting request.Please select an item.

Below are the tournament rosters as they are set RIGHT NOW.

For Varsity there should only be ONE wrestler per weight class. JV typically has no restrictions, but you should follow the instructions given by the league.

Here are the options to make changes:

  • To remove a wrestler from the Varsity Final Exam use the RED icon.
  • To set a different seed weight select a new weight and press UPDATE
  • To ADD a wrestler that is not in click on the GREEN icon to return them to your roster

*You will not be able to adjust tournament rosters for other teams. The VIEW icon will bring you to the current seeding page for the respective weight class in a new window/tab.

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